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Belize Classifieds Online
Free online listing of classified ads.

Portals to the World
Annotated directory covering a broad range of subjects selected by US Library of Congress specialists.

BBC News Country Profile
Key facts, figures and dates.

Search engine and portal site for travel, business, government, education, news, arts and culture information about Belize.

Belize Photo Gallery
Features updated images and photojournalism.

Ah! Belize
Belize portal including links for news, education, sports, arts, business directories, and tourism.
Web guide to Belize, featuring comprehensive business and visitor resources.

Mystic Planet
Contact information on environmental, spiritual, and natural food and medicine groups.

The World Factbook
General country information and statistics on Belize from the CIA.

Belize Online
Tourist and investment guide. Also provides maps and photographs of Belize.

Blease's Web World
This site is about Belize, which is quickly becoming the fastest tourist attraction in the Caribbean. Learn about the Mayans and the Garifunas of Belize here.

Latin America Network Information Center
Collected internet resources for Belize from the University of Texas.

Belizean Journeys
Brings an in-depth look into the more remote and unknown worlds of Belize Through words, photos and graphics.

US State Department
Geography, people, government, economy, US-Belize relations, and business and travel information. Belize
News from Belize gathered from various sources on the web. [RSS]

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