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It is important to know which questions to ask when considering Credit Cards. You will need to consider the Credit Cards use, and what the purpose of having the Credit Card entails. You will also need to consider APR and Fees, and whether you intend to repay your debts in full each month, or if you are making partial payments. If you are paying in full, you won’t need to worry about too many fees, other than the APR. If you intend to extend the balance each month, then will you have the extra cash to pay the finance fees and APR? Do you intend to use the Cash Advance option, and if so can you repay the debt, plus the fees incurred? It is important to ask your self these questions, since credit cards are a major responsibility. More Credit Card Checklist


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It is wise to save your money to purchase an item you may want, rather than use a credit card to make the purchase. If you are searching for a credit card, you should understand the cards characteristic, compare the cards attributes and cost with other credit cards. Cardholders should also know their legal rights before applying for a credit card. When you know your rights, when the card provider takes advantage of you, you will know your next step. If you feel your rights are violated, it is important to file complaints against the allegation immediately. Waiting will only cost you more headaches that you already have. More Credit Card Defaults

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Many card providers calculate APR based on several tables. The APR is part of the package when receiving a credit card that you must understand to avoid debt. Nowadays, nearly any company that offers consumers the ability to pay their debts via phone will charge a fee. The fee sometimes starts at $1.50 and reaches to $3.50. As you can see, to save money you want to avoid the telephone. Some companies are even charging customers for reviewing their statements, asking general questions, and so forth. More APR and FEES Credit Cards

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